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I'm working on my final project, which is due on Friday, but took time out to say goodnight to [ profile] gipsieee. We snuggled in bed for a bit and talked about Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken. As I climbed out of bed to return to my project, I told her I'd be back in an hour or so unless I got really caught up in things, which got me the following in response.

"Yet knowing how code leads on to code
I'm thinkin' I'm gonna be sleepin' alone..."
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(Posted to the local Java Users Group mailing list. Reposted here for your edification, or at least hopefully enjoyment ^_^)

There are lots of reasons why polymorphism (one object being treated as a different kind of object) is a valuable thing to have in a programming language.

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Oh AutoHotKey, is there anything you can't do?

My capslock key is now a middle mouse button and I have smooth scrolling whenever I want it despite my two-button trackball. All it took was Capslock::MButton.

UI tweaks FTW! ^_^

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Yesterday was awesome, but overwhelming. We opened most of the windows downstairs and had a cool afternoon/evening while repeated rainshowers swept the neighborhood and I alternated between cooking, reading, and kitchen maintenance. I made a batch of spaghetti sauce from a recipe from Mom that turned out deliciously, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that were fantastic, and my very first ever pandowdy. While it was a little overkill, I can maybe see myself getting to where I'm not completely burned out after a day like that. (The combination of reading interludes and not having to do much else in the way of work contributed a great deal, I think, to my overall sanity)
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And in related news, I've finally figured out what I'm going to do with the USB drive whose case broke. Just as soon as I work out how to dremel a rock.
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An article regarding the successful crash landing of Chandrayaan-1's Moon Impact Probe earlier today: India probe crash-lands successfully on moon

My favorite section:
Space official Shiv Kumar said the 34-kilogram probe hit the moon surface traveling at 1.6 kilometers per second, which is a speed of 5,760 kilometers per hour (3,579 mph).

Kumar said the probe transmitted sufficient signals to the mother craft before landing, but no more were expected after the impact.
It puts me in mind of that science experiment in which students try to devise ways of getting an egg safely from the top of a building to the ground via freefall, but without the "safely" part ^_^


Aug. 5th, 2008 05:14 am
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Getting to bed 2 hours earlier than the last night-before-class-project-is-due.

And yes, I may have overdone this one slightly as well... but I now can detect words that:
1) consist solely of equal numbers of A's and B's
2) consist solely of a number of A's followed by an equal number of B's
3) consist solely of a number of A's followed by twice as many B's
4) consist of a group of A's, followed by a group of B's, the whole grouping of which is repeated a number of times
5) are palindromic and consist of capital letters
6) consist of a group of A's followed by an equal number of B's followed by a group of A's with one more A than the previous group, followed by a group of B's with one more B than the previous group, followed by a group of A's with one more A than the previous group, ad infinitum (i.e. until I overflow the stack ^_^)
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With the current project I am on, the build consists of a couple of steps:
1) Shutdown Tomcat
2) Run an ant script that does the actual compiling and putting things where they go
3) Startup Tomcat

(When I want to deploy changes that I just made to relatively static things, like Javascript files, I can just do step two)

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"I don't have a brain, I have an Internet connection!"

-- Scott Davis

(While it's amusing, it's also becoming increasingly true... more on this later, if I don't run out of Internets... ^_^)


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