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Write a bit of code that will monitor processor usage and output a corresponding signal to, say, a serial or parallel port, where it is interpreted by something connected to a gauge of some sort (either a retrofitted pressure gauge or an old-style voltmeter) that then makes the hand of the gauge point to the corresponding level of processor usage.
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I was up until two this morning working on a desk and honing my woodworking skills.

I learned the following lessons:
  1. Ryobas are awesome.
  2. It's really easy to get sidetracked for a couple of hours making wooden jaws for your vice.
  3. As awesome as ryoba are, they're not good for making right-angled internal cuts. They are, however, fantastic for making parallel cuts to help chop out the joint, which should then be done with a hammer and chisel.
  4. I need a bigger chisel.
  5. I can simultaneously chop out a joint and help revise applications over AIM after midnight.
  6. Tearout sucks. I need to be more careful when chopping out joints and do a deeper prechop at the inside edge of the side that I'm not chopping from.
  7. Staying up until 2 AM on a school night really sucks, but it still may have been worth it...
  8. I really love projects like this, especially now that I'm getting to the point where my workspace is set up to facilitate them more
Even with the fact that I am bleary and feel like I have little to no energy or motivation today, it's a sort of content bleary lethargy. While I was working (once I got past the hassles with the vice), I was in that space that feels like it's got boundless energy. I stopped at 2 AM but I felt like I could have gone for a couple of hours more if I wasn't already going to be regretting it today. I want to explore that more!
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Clothes are kind of pricey, and it is sometimes hard to find ones that I really like, so to save money and make costumes I'm hoping to get more into sewing in the near future. To do that, I need fabric. So I've been looking at fabric online and I'm coming to the conclusion that fabric is also expensive. (That, or I'm not looking in the right places). This, in turn, has led me to contemplate that yarn, especially weaving yarn, is pretty cheap... and now I am thinking that maybe I could make my own fabric. But to do that I'd need a loom, and, guess what! Looms are expensive (I'm starting to see a pattern here...) On the other hand, I suspect that I've got enough woodworking skills to make a basic loom... especially if I can find the parts that aren't made out of wood...


May. 8th, 2007 11:22 am
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Because I haven't updated on knitting in far too long...

The first of the pair of tabi socks is ready for me to begin the toes. Yup. Just gotta get them toes started. Then it'll be smooth sailing from there, for sure. You betcha...

The Einstein Coat is on perpetual hold, and at this point I am highly likely to rip it out and rededicate the yarn to some other purpose. Some purpose not involving yards and yards of garter stitch. Possibly some of it will become the cabled laptop bag from Knitting With Balls... we'll see.

In the meantime, I've been kicking around the idea of knitting a candleflame scarf ever since I finished the shawl back at Thanksgiving '06. This past weekend, at the Maryland Sheep and Wool, I decided it was time to start it. I got myself a pair of circs and some lovely yellow/orange/red/brown yarn hand-dyed by the wonderful folks at Springwater and am about 6" into it. So far I am really liking how it is turning out. The variegation does obscure the pattern a little bit, but not so much that I don't like it (and the variegation itself is pretty). I'm hoping that, at the very least, it will be one of those things that someone looks at and goes "Oh wow I love that colorway... wait a minute..." ~looks closer~ "Oh! That's a really neat pattern, too! Cool!" (~grin~ That's my story and I'm stickin' to it)


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