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Palin fails Turing Test:

Have you ever chatted with a Turing Bot (I can't remember what they're technically called)? She reminds me of that.

(first seen at [ profile] nminusone)

Well Dang.

Sep. 11th, 2008 10:12 pm
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First truly big failure of cooking in a very long time tonight. In what I consider to be good news, it happened because I was experimenting in ways that seemed just this side of Likely To End Badly. Turns out, they were just that side.

Things I've learned in the process:
  • The yeastless pizza crust likes to stick to things (will probably try adding just a touch more flour next time)
  • I cannot pick up a personal-sized pizza of this crust with just my hands.
    • Especially if it is loaded with toppings.
  • This crust is not strong enough to maintain the weight of itself and its toppings on an oven rack
    • It is a good thing that I put that cookie sheet in underneath it
      • Too bad I didn't do it before I put the pizza in.
  • Nesting multiple levels in HTML lists is fun!

I have enough ingredients to try this again. I'm not sure I have enough cope though...

Edit: It turns out that the additional cope is unnecessary, as the majority of it is still food. It means I have a little bit of a mess on the bottom of my oven with which I will deal later, for now I have dinner! ~NOM~
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I ran into a mental block trying to think of a name for a character in a story this evening, so I decide to scout around the web and see whether I could find inspiration there. I discovered something surprising: apparently, there are only a handful of grown-up names on the Internet; most of the sites that my search turned up only had baby names.
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One of the ways that Snickers is currently advertising is through the use of made up words. The one I got on my Snickers bar today was:
Substantialiscious \sub-'stan(t)-shu-'li-shus\ (noun). The weight of something when you weigh it with your tongue.
First off, what kind of a sentence is that for a definition? No self-respecting dictionary (except possibly urban dictionaries) uses the second person voice. Secondly, a noun? WTF? Weight is a noun. As in, you can say "What is the weight of that thing?" Try saying "What is the substantialicious of that thing?" and it sounds ridiculous. Why? Because words that end in "ious" are adjectives!

Allow me to close with another example of why that word should not be a noun:

My brain hates your stupid definition even as my tongue savors your substantialiscious.

[PS I blame the sleep deprivation]
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[After conversation in which I described making biscuits and adding garlic, using a different type of fat, and sprinkling cheese on top and then not being terribly fond of them but not being able to say what it was about them that I wasn't so keen on. I then described making eggs by mixing together a couple of eggs with rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper, and milk and heating the whole thing in the microwave for a couple of minutes. I wasn't particularly sold on them either, but again I couldn't tell which of the ingredients was the problem child, or whether it was because I had microwaved them. After that, while we'd been on the phone, I had grumbled about how cold it was upstairs and proceeded to close the door and hang a polar fleece blanket over the windows. After a bit I observed that it had gotten measurably (as in about 4 tenths of a degree) warmer throughout the conversation, but that I wasn't sure whether it was the blanket or the door or both that were responsible for the change, whereupon we had the following exchange]:

[ profile] gipsieee: You're just having a bad day with the scientific method, hon.

Me: Why do you say that?

[ profile] gipsieee: Because you keep changing more than one variable!!


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