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I just got done having a home energy inspection. We have determined that while my heating and cooling hardware is in reasonably good shape, the thing that I live in isn't actually a house; it's a sieve.

This is actually both good and bad. The bad is, of course, that I'm using quite a lot more energy than I need to use to heat this place in the wintertime (and why I'm still cold regardless). The good news is that due to the scale we're talking about here the first couple of fixes should have a huge return on investment ^_^
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Today's the big day of the move, and I am psyched in pretty much every sense of the word ~grin~ Unfortunately, stuff happened and some of the folks that I lined up to help might not be able to make it at this point. So I'm putting out a request for help.

I'm loading stuff in Springfield, VA.

I'm unloading stuff in Gwynn Oak, MD (basically Catonsville).

I'd love help at either end, but especially on the loading end because at this point I know for sure that I have at least one person to help me on the unloading side of things.

If you've got my cell phone # give me a call, otherwise reply to this post--I'll be checking it fairly regularly--and I'll let you know the details.

Thanks much! ^_^

I now return myself to my scheduled box-packing!
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Closing went very smoothly, though you know how if you say a word over and over again it's like you forget what it means? I'm kind of like that with my signature right now...

I'll be moving in to the outbuilding (it's about a 400 square foot efficiency with a loft) on Friday--nothing much, mainly just a bedroll and some clothes. I'll be moving into the house proper a few weeks after that (will probably try to have moving day be Saturday the 27th).

(~smile~ For comparison/reference, the outbuilding is about the same size as the apartment I first moved into with a friend when I came out to the East Coast.)
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I now have in my pocket the single largest cashier's check I have ever held.
I now have on my face a giddy grin that refuses to leave.
I now have on my mental calendar a note to leave work at 12:30 to go do the pre-closing walkthrough.

It is, perhaps, a good thing that I am not actually taking full possession for another couple of weeks--it's one of the things that is enabling me to concentrate at work at all this morning. Even so, that concentration is pretty limited and keeps being overrun by daydreams. I'm so glad that it is daydreams and not nightmares about everything that could go wrong in the next few hours. (I'm so glad that I am working with a competent realtor and--after dumping my initial one--a competent lender who've gone over everything with me enough times that I am confident all our ducks are lined up).
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My offer has essentially been accepted! It's contingent upon a couple of tweaks (pushing the closing date back to the 28th of September and adding an addendum allowing the seller to back out or request an extension if they're unable to find a new place in 15 days) but it basically looks like Things are going to Happen. ~giddy shivers~ Is it September yet?!
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Did the paperwork to make an offer on a house last night. This house, to be specific (yes, both buildings are included--the one on the right looks to be a garage that someone remodeled into a guest house). It's exciting and scary all at the same time, and I hope to hear an initial response by Friday.

~grin~ Part of me can't believe I'm doing this. Most of me can't wait!

I celebrated making the offer with a candle-lit soak in a bubble bath with some of my favorite videogame music playing.

It counteracted the stress pretty well, I'd say ^_^

[EDIT: Link updated, though it may not be up too much longer; now that I've made an offer, many listings will take it down.]


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