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As many of you know (and many of you don't... I've kept it more quiet this time around than in the past, for whatever reason...) I have been looking for a job lately. The contract that Battelle had got reawarded to a different contractor, and since I was with them as a subcontractor, they let me (and the other subcontractor) go when money started getting tight.

So I've been job hunting for the past three weeks. It's been a bit of an adventure, but it's done now and I've ended up accepting a position with Johns-Hopkins University's Applied Physics Lab. I start Monday, July 9, and I'm very excited about it, in that nervous "wow I really hope this works out!" kind of way that I get when I'm starting a new job ;)
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This is currently a hypothetical situation, but it could become much less hypothetical in the next few days: How long is too long to hold onto an offer because you're waiting to hear back from another prospective employer? )
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Last Monday I received notification that since the contract that I've been working on is being reawarded to a different company, and there's nothing to reassign me to, they're going to have to let me go. This is not surprising (I've had plenty of warning that something like this would almost certainly happen, especially with the near-miss in February) but that doesn't make it pleasant.

The job hunt is going well so far--nothing solid yet, but e-mails and interviews are happening. I don't know that I'll have something lined up by the time I'm done here (at the end of this week)--that seems like setting my expectations unrealistically high. I hope to have something lined up, but if I don't I need to remind myself that I've only really been looking since last Wednesday. Not finding a new job in a week and a half (especially the way I am looking; i.e. not terribly strenuously) is like not catching a fish within fifteen minutes of casting your line. Or something equally unreasonable to expect.

Not that I'm trying to talk myself out of being anxious or anything ~wry smile~ Fortunately, it actually seems to be working a bit.

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No, not Texas Instruments--different TI )
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I think another part of my frustration with my current position is that the boss has trouble telling the difference between professionalism and formality. This is a small company, so he wants to keep it informal. But to me it keeps coming across as unprofessional.
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Without getting too much into specifics I've been thinking that my current job, while I generally enjoy the work I am doing, is not a good fit for me due to the nature of the management. I'm thinking about starting to look for a new one in the next month or so, and I'd really like to have a better idea of what other people are experiencing before I do that so I try to be reasonable in my expectations.

Currently, my primary responsibilities are to implement changes, fix bugs, and develop new features in an existing web-based application. Side responsibilities include providing technical support for things that the help desk can't handle and, to some degree, working with others to develop requirements for the new features mentioned above, but more of in a "It would be very time-consuming and non-scalable to do it that way because of XYZ, but if we did it this way, I could have it done in a week and it would take me a minimal amount of time to extend it to other aspects if you decide you'd like that down the road," kind of way than a "describe your business model to me and let me develop a new process that would help you do things more efficiently," kind of way.

So what I would like is for people in similar programming and/or development positions to let me know (to whatever degree you are comfortable with) what your job is like (what your workplace is like, what your management is like, what your tasks are like), what range of compensation you get, what is included in your benefits, and so on.

Comments will be screened. Thank you in advance for helping me get a better understanding of what's out there in this industry :)
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As of midnight past, I have worked for the government in an Information Assurance position for two years (I started on August 11, 2003). That by itself to me is not all that spectacular. It's good that I've been able to hold a job this long, and that I am pretty secure in it, but generally job anniversaries are not considered reason for celebration in quite the same sense as, say, birthdays or relationships. I'm not getting presents, my boss isn't taking me out for a quiet candlelit dinner, nothing. It's not the sort of event that, in and of itself, would precipitate much excitement for me.

Except that this particular two-year anniversary signifies the end of my commitment to The Man! )

But wait, there's more! Since I'm not so keen on continuing to do the sort of work that I've been doing in the sort of environment that I've been doing it, I've started looking around for other job opportunities. Last night, yea, on the very same day that my obligation ended, I got an offer! )

So it's about a 99% certainty that I am going to take this new position. The only problem is that I'm nervous about telling my current boss. )

So overall, it's been a pretty exciting time and I am really looking forward to it. It's going to be a little tricky, since I'm also hoping to make it back to MN over Labor Day for the Renaissance Festival there, and also I was hoping to take a few days two weeks after that and go camping, but maybe I can just take a few weeks off between the jobs. That would make my move down to Woodbridge easier as well, since I could focus on that instead of having to juggle that and a new job. Will have to call and see whether the end of September would be a reasonable start date.
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Okay, leave slips are signed, airline tickets are reserved, and I have two weeks before my grand summer vacation begins. I'm flying out on Saturday July 16 and returning Wednesday August 3. Going back home to see my family for a week, and then we're all going to bicycle across Iowa! It will be much fun ^_^

In other news, I posted my resume on the web last night, and I talked to my supervisor today about where I'm at and where I'd like to be, and he was very understanding and is going to make some phone calls around the Department and see whether he can find me a position doing something that involves lots and lots of programming (and hopefully a grade increase as well ;) *crosses fingers* Here's hoping at least one of them pans out!


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