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Today has been one of those days where I walk away feeling like "Wow I learned a lot!", and even though I didn't write a single line of code that will actually be included in the final product I consider the time well-spent as tomorrow (or more likely early next week; I'm trying to learn Spring and Hibernate and I haven't even gotten started on Hibernate...) I will be writing code, and it will be very good code thanks to the time I've invested today.

Levels gained:
  • 2 in Spring
  • 1 in Dependency Injection
  • 1 in Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)
  • 1 in Logging (with Log4j)
  • 1 in Unit Testing (with JUnit)
  • 1 in Eclipse
And there might be more tonight, if I don't decide that I've had enough. I hit a kind of frustrating point just now with the AOP side of things (or I could have maybe claimed two levels in it alone... ah well): it isn't actually executing what ought to be "before" and "after" advice (separate code blocks that run before and after a given method is executed, respectively). I'm not seeing anything obvious wrong with my config file, but I'm also not familiar enough with the AspectJ notation to say whether I did the pattern for the pointcut right, either.
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I just gained at least one, possibly two levels in Regular Expressions.

I'm all tingly now... ^_^
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For those of you who appreciate computer geekiness, I just wrote my very first evar script to generate a chart on the fly and return it as an image to a webpage as the page is being loaded.

I'm probably not doing everything just exactly right, but still, it feels good! ^_^


Jan. 9th, 2006 05:02 pm
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I just leveled up in Style Sheets! ^_^


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