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The move went well. It took longer than I had hoped, but still, it was good. Must remember next time to tell movers not to wrap everything to within an inch of its life; would probably save a good chunk of time and a dozen or so rolls of tape...

But we're now at the new place and I am very happy about that.

Sarah got a beautiful new dresser on Sunday, and I managed to hurt my back while putting it together yesterday morning while waiting for the Verizon folks to show up and hook us back up to teh Intarweb. So I'm now in recuperation--my lower back is still kind of sore, but it's getting to the point where it's more stiff than painful and that's a very good thing.

Other than that, unpacking is proceeding. The kitchen is mostly done (yay Tom!) and Sarah is making great progress on her room. I was mainly focusing on getting things where they needed to go, and trying to get large furniture put together, so I didn't make as much progress on my room and I didn't really get anything done except healing last night, but things are pretty much all in their correct locations and most of the big stuff is put together, so once I'm better I'll be able to work on getting my room more in order and my clothes more put away.
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Tomorrow night will be the Moving Big Stuff night of my transition to Annandale--[ profile] elkor will be providing a van and lending a hand, as will [ profile] fortryll. There's not a whole lot of really big stuff that needs to get moved (which is the main focus of the efforts tomorrow night) but if one or two of you are available to help I would greatly appreciate it! We're going to get started around 6, and I don't anticipate it taking more than an hour or two (see list below; there's just not that much stuff, and with another person or two it'll go even faster! ^_^ )

Please let me know in the comments or via any other method you know of to get ahold of me ^_^ I can provide directions if you need them :)


Also, in case you're wondering, we'll be moving 3 bookcases, a queen sized bed (mattress, boxspring, and frame), a chest of drawers, and a futon. Possibly assorted other boxes of stuff as well, depending on the dimensions of the van and how much other stuff I can get packed up tonight O:) (That's stuff that I can take care of in my car, though, so it's not as high-priority as taking care of the stuff we need the van for).
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After much discussion and thought, I have decided that the time is right for me to leave Woodbridge and move in with [ profile] fortryll and [ profile] xilet. Fortunately for me, they have also decided that the time is right for me to move in with them ^_^

So over the course of the next few weeks I shall be transferring the majority of my possessions to their place and taking up residence, and I'll be renting a van to haul the big stuff from [ profile] elkor and [ profile] margoeve's place probably on the weekend of May 13. I'll also probably be putting out a more formal request for help in a few weeks, once I have a better idea of the magnitude of the task; this is more of just an FYI.

This will mark the first time that I have ever actually lived with a partner, and I am looking forward to seeing how it goes. )


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