Sep. 25th, 2011

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but it'll be more funny this way if I am actually repeating myself...

I think I'll be posting more stuff here than on Social Media 2.0 (yeah, I consider LJ part of Social Media 1.0 and frankly, the only thing that I think Social Media 2.0 has added that is actually useful is the "like" button and its equivalents so that I can let someone know that I saw and appreciated their post without having to take up all the space associated with a comment just to say, "Hey, nice post.") in the nearish future. It doesn't make me use my real name, and I'm reasonably certain that the only way someone will see something I don't want them to see is if I actively mess up when I'm picking which groups to share something with.

I keep hoping that Diaspora will get to a usable point (actually, it might be there now; I think I saw something on the blog about downloading and installing it) but in the meantime, I'm less and less interested in Facebook and Google Plus (and I've been practically absent from Twitter for probably at least a year by now).

Next step should probably be seeing whether there's an Emacs plugin that I can use for browsing and posting. That'd be awesome.
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Woo, C-i. Got it in one.

(Apparently there is also an Emacs package for editing LJ entries, but for now I'll settle for just being able to edit a text field).


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