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I'm working on getting my Linux computer talking to a Lego Mindstorms NXT brick for my Real-Time Systems Development class, but I'm having a little bit of trouble getting over the final hurdle of actually being able to upload compiled code to it. In one of the howtos that I've sought out, I came across the following gem:

You MAY or MAY NOT have to reboot at this time, I cannot tell

See the full howto here
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I'm working on my final project, which is due on Friday, but took time out to say goodnight to [ profile] gipsieee. We snuggled in bed for a bit and talked about Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken. As I climbed out of bed to return to my project, I told her I'd be back in an hour or so unless I got really caught up in things, which got me the following in response.

"Yet knowing how code leads on to code
I'm thinkin' I'm gonna be sleepin' alone..."
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Brought to you by [ profile] tcepsa and [ profile] rtdean:

R: Why do they call it a syntax?
R: I mean, why apply a tax to syns?
T: Because if you don't pay your syntax, horrible things will happen to your grammar, and I assume you care enough about your relatives that you wouldn't want that to happen.
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If you haven't yet, you should go meet CADIE. She seems nice, and I think she'll fit right in ^_^
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And in related news, I've finally figured out what I'm going to do with the USB drive whose case broke. Just as soon as I work out how to dremel a rock.
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"All right then, what do you have here?"

"Ha! You'll like this. Have a look!"

"What, you mean this little pebble here?"

"Precisely! Oop, careful though, under no circumstances do you want to set it off accidentally!"

"Oh? What is it?"

"I call it 'Solid Phlogiston'!"

"Oh come now, the theory of phlogiston was disproven a few years ago!"

"You know I know that. I just wanted something that was was adequately descriptive. Imagine, for a moment, it turned out that phlogiston was real, and that you could some how compress it, solidify it, freeze it--"

"Frozen essence of heat? That's as ridiculous as your dehydrated water idea!"

"If you'll please let me finish? Thank you. As I was saying, if you could solidify it, then I am reasonably certain it would have properties similar to that 'pebble' you hold."

"Surely you jest! Nothing this size could hold that kind of energy."

"Before now. I hope to sell it to the railways; they could get farther on this than an entire car of coal."

"Come now, that's impossible. You'll be the laughingstock of the city! My good friend, you've been cooped up back here for too long; come on, won't you join me for a cup of coffee?"

"Tea, thank you, and no, thank you. I have not yet quite perfected the process, but since you are obviously still unconvinced I believe a demonstration is in order. If you would be so kind as to hand it to me, I will show you!"

[Insert harrowing yet hilarious description of how it goes horribly wrong and they barely make it out of the workshop alive. Possibly save the shop, possibly not. They collapse outside, dirty and disheveled, and take several minutes to catch their breath.]

"Now then, do you still think 'Solid Phlogiston' is a misnomer?"

"No, but I am beginning to suspect despite your startlingly astute grasp of language that you may very well be quite mad."

EDIT: Changed last sentence so it no longer has "starting" and "startlingly" so trippingly close together ^_^ And removed one of the instances of 'that'...
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Moby Dick II: Whaling and Gnashing of Teeth
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From an exchange between myself and [ profile] gipsieee a few days ago during which she was attempting to convince me to knit myself a hat instead of buying one, and I was offering protestations as to why this was probably not a good plan for me.

G: Stop poking holes in my parade!
T: ~giggle~ Your malaprop is delicious.
G: Malaprops are not food!
T: ~laugh~ My malaprop is delicious too!
G: "Ignoring the truth will not make it go away." From a sign in front of a church that I just drove past.

At which point the conversation fell apart completely. ^_^
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Amused at this quotation from TigerDirect regarding an AMD Athlon 42 X2 4200+ CPU:
"Dual-core technology is like having two processors, and two working together is better and faster than one working alone."
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If you do Lab 2 so thoroughly that you inadvertently meet the requirements for Lab 3, you unlock a secret Lab assignment!
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The Awesome Bar
An establishment frequented by Firefox users. Tell the bartenders a couple of letters from the drink you want, and they'll review all the orders you've ever placed to try to guess what you'd like this time.
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"So, does the bottom part of a fraction un-eat things?"
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Thoughts that I developed after a conversation this evening:

I tend to be pretty bad in general about starting conversations. I feel like I do reasonably well at carrying them on and even helping them develop in new directions once they've gotten going, but... ~wry grin~ I seem to have a high conversational inertia.

(And sometimes there's a high coefficient of conversational friction, which also works against me...)
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Me: Did you deposit that check that I wrote you yet?
Her: Not yet, no.
Me: Oh good... Could you hold off on that for another ten minutes or so?

(Note the timestamp)
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The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?
Created by OnePlusYou

The irony here being that I haven't had any caffeine for days.

"I just made Spring!"
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Shuggle, n.: A very nice, fuzzy, cuddly Shoggoth.
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"I don't have a brain, I have an Internet connection!"

-- Scott Davis

(While it's amusing, it's also becoming increasingly true... more on this later, if I don't run out of Internets... ^_^)
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[After conversation in which I described making biscuits and adding garlic, using a different type of fat, and sprinkling cheese on top and then not being terribly fond of them but not being able to say what it was about them that I wasn't so keen on. I then described making eggs by mixing together a couple of eggs with rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper, and milk and heating the whole thing in the microwave for a couple of minutes. I wasn't particularly sold on them either, but again I couldn't tell which of the ingredients was the problem child, or whether it was because I had microwaved them. After that, while we'd been on the phone, I had grumbled about how cold it was upstairs and proceeded to close the door and hang a polar fleece blanket over the windows. After a bit I observed that it had gotten measurably (as in about 4 tenths of a degree) warmer throughout the conversation, but that I wasn't sure whether it was the blanket or the door or both that were responsible for the change, whereupon we had the following exchange]:

[ profile] gipsieee: You're just having a bad day with the scientific method, hon.

Me: Why do you say that?

[ profile] gipsieee: Because you keep changing more than one variable!!
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"You've said in the past that boy bits are silly. Having your own doesn't make it any less true."


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