Nov. 4th, 2008 11:37 pm
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Nov. 4th, 2008 10:21 am
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Done. Got to the polling place at about 7:15, slightly after it opened, as a result of Google Maps not knowing quite where it was. Was done at about 9:00. Certainly my longest wait to vote ever, but I'm glad that I did. I'm also glad that I didn't wait until later; it's possible that it wouldn't have been as bad, but it seems equally likely that it would have been worse (I live in Baltimore County, which is fairly densely populated)

~grin~ I also got about half of my homework assignment for tomorrow finished in my head. Now I just have to copy it out onto paper... and figure out the other half ^_^;

If you haven't yet, and you can, I encourage you to go and vote as well.
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This makes me ridiculously gleeful. Not primarily because of the actual parties involved, but at the more abstract level: a politician is now being thwarted by legislation that he supported.

Full disclosure: I am enjoying it more, I think, because it was a piece of legislation that I feel is ill-conceived.
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Semi-random thoughts on our political process. Many of our politicians seem to like trying to convince people of a certain thing (often that something-or-other unpleasant was because of someone other than them).

I'm pretty sure that we don't have a good enough grasp of the principles of causality to actually say how much impact any one factor has, and so pretty much anyone can spin an event to support their position. See, for example, "The economy is collapsing because we didn't have enough government regulation" vs. "The economy is collapsing because we had too much government regulation"

So I suspect that it is less about how many people they can convince to come over to their position as it is about how many people they can find who want to believe the same thing and are looking for facts to support those beliefs.

Wanting to believe (or believing) something is an incredibly powerful thing. It's also a dangerous thing, I think, because it seems that people are often willing to suspend their powers of critical thinking when offered some bit of evidence--either for or against--whatever thing they want to believe. If offered something flimsy that supports their belief, they won't poke at it too hard for fear of causing it to fall down and their beliefs to be dashed. If offered something sturdy that undermines their belief, they won't poke at it too hard for fear of discovering how sturdy it really is, and instead look for ways to denounce it as fraud, phony, untrue--again, because they want so badly for their beliefs not to be dashed.

This is certainly not true for all people all of the time. I suspect it is not even true for any person all of the time. But at the same time, I also suspect that it is true for most people most of the time, and also that it is true for all people at least now and then.

... This has the potential to be a very twisty road to pursue.
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Palin fails Turing Test:

Have you ever chatted with a Turing Bot (I can't remember what they're technically called)? She reminds me of that.

(first seen at [ profile] nminusone)
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It seems like every election--especially recent ones--many if not most people feel they are being offered two bad options and their criteria for picking who they vote for are centered around which one of them they feel would be less awful as President.

This has aroused my curiosity.

What characteristics do you want the President to have? What skills do you think are necessary to do a good job in the White House? What experience do you think is necessary to qualify a person to lead this nation? What issues must the President be focused on, and what must their stance be on each? What are things that they must not have/say/do/believe?

Is it even possible for such a person to exist, or are we going to be stuck with making the best of bad choices from here on out? Has it ever been anything but that? Can it ever be anything but that?

[Edit: Fixed grammar, added "not" question]


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