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N to go. Fixed the GTK PLAF problem by inadvertently opening the arduino script in Emacs (I hadn't realized it was just a shell script). Saw that it was explicitly specifying the GTK PLAF, and took that part out.

Now it's kvetching about not being able to find the preferred system font. I swear, these computers, they are never happy!
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(Posted to the local Java Users Group mailing list. Reposted here for your edification, or at least hopefully enjoyment ^_^)

There are lots of reasons why polymorphism (one object being treated as a different kind of object) is a valuable thing to have in a programming language.

Centered around a certain clandestine theme... )
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I have begun combining my love of (and desire to become better at) music with my computer geekery and developed a Java application that turns any standard 101-key keyboard into a MIDI musical keyboard (actually, I should double-check that...especially since I use certain keys such as '\' that aren't always in the same place).

For those of you who are familiar with Tracking, this uses a slightly different layout (though similar concept) for the keyboard arrangement. Instead of starting with C4 at 'z', I put it at 'v'. This results in the overall range of the keyboard being from F#3 (assigned to 'a') up to A6 (assigned to '\') and also means that I can play certain songs where they were written to be played, instead of having to transpose up an octave to get at all the notes.

As an example, here's how to play a slightly simplified arrangement of Ashokan Farewell in the key of D (with spaces to approximate most of the sustained notes ~grin~):
.2w 2/.k nk, knbcb cxbk.w55t5e .2w 2/.k nk, knbcb cxbk.w5.2ew k,. kbw ./2w.k nk nbc zx . knbk.q w/ 2w.k bxbk.w knbgb

And, as a bonus, here's Simple Gifts:
bb, ,./, /qw wq/ .,. . . , ./.,b b ,k,./ ../qw q/. ../ /., ,., w / ./q/., ./ /qw q/. ./. b, , ././qw q/. . / / ., , ,

And further extra super bonus, here's Prologue from some of the early Final Fantasy games:
b,.bq /.,k,.,,k n./nw q/.l/.n/. b,.bq /.,k,.,,k n./nw q/.l/.n/. e ew /qq/.l./qw r re qw w3w w3wq/.

(Oh wow... these are so much easier to read than notes on a staff... too bad there's no good way to indicate length of note this way ~wry~ Then again, I've spent a lot more time doing things involving sight reading text--even with weird punctuation--into a computer keyboard than I have involving sight reading music into an instrument, so it's not terribly surprising that it is easier (though I am still a little surprised at the degree to which it is easier...))

... and I should probably actually figure out some way to post the program, so if someone who reads this wants to actually try it they can ^_^
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Tonight will, in all probability, mostly be spent in working and playing on and with my computer. At this point, it could probably be considered my "new" computer, since I've replaced almost all of the primary components. I've got a new motherboard, a new CPU (Athlon 64 X2 3800), new video card (GeForce 6800 XT), and 2 GB RAM. I got to play with it a little bit last night at craft night (building a computer counts as being crafty! ^_^) and I am looking forward to having a more in-depth session with it tonight; yesterday was primarily focused on answering the question "can I get it up and running?" and today I will focus on more detailed things like "Can I get a 64-bit version of Linux running on it? Can I max out my resolutions on games now? Can I beat the next boss in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow?" and other important questions ^_^

In other news (since I'm already on the subject) I've been learning a lot about Java the past few days, especially with its graphical user interface (Swing) aspects. It's very fun, and I am looking forward to honing my skills with it. In fact, I may post some sort of request for projects for ideas of simple programs that people would be interested in having for their computers in a few days, just to give me some things to practice on--but we'll see whether that happens or not.


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