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Due the week after this coming Monday (i.e. ~10 days from now) a line-following Lego robot and an Arduino that will blink an LED in the Morse-code equivalent of whatever strings are sent to it.

It's gonna be a busy weekend!
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(Posted to the local Java Users Group mailing list. Reposted here for your edification, or at least hopefully enjoyment ^_^)

There are lots of reasons why polymorphism (one object being treated as a different kind of object) is a valuable thing to have in a programming language.

Centered around a certain clandestine theme... )
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This was inspired by Friday's Code Snippet of the Day over at The Daily WTF

public boolean myMethod( Object myObject ){
        // Extremely exception-prone error code here...
    catch( Exception e ){
        log.print("Unable to perform myMethod--trying again");
        myMethod( myObject );

My favorite definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the outcome to be different...
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I've got insomnia because parts of my brain keep visualizing writing DHTML that other parts of my brain know is completely invalid.

The parts of my brain that know the code is invalid apparently don't want me to go to sleep until it's fixed (or at least until the other parts of my brain stop trying to code).

I know that it's completely made up code that has no bearing on anything whatsoever, and I know that it would never work and that it's my right brain getting tangled up with my left brain, but those two bits of knowledge don't seem to be enough to let my right brain off the hook.

I want a manual override that doesn't involve NyQuil ;)

Maybe if I distract the right part of my brain by reading about using The GIMP it will stop trying to be creative with Table tags and let me get some sleep...


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