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In 2009, the highlight of the year was definitely the part where I got married to [ profile] gipsieee. There were some other good things, like getting the porch reparged and maintaining straight A's in my Master's program, and there were some things that I'd like to have done better or more consistently, like house maintenance and mowing the lawn and playing videogames (though 2009 was actually a decent year for me and gaming; I am apparently coming out of the "I don't get to play videogames until EVERYTHING ELSE is done" zone, which will probably paradoxically end up with me getting more stuff done).

That having been said, here are some things that I'd like to make sure get done in 2010. Some of them are specific one-offs, and some of them are more habit/lifestyle changes.

1) Use gloves when cleaning up after making food. With that added layer of invincibility (and not having to adjust the faucet if I get it too hot or clean my hands off if I get them all gunky and need to go do something else briefly), cleaning seems much less daunting. This may just be a temporary NRE thing, but hopefully it will persist if I do.

2) Improve my flexibility and posture. Sounds like a sales-pitch for a yoga class, but this has been an ongoing desire of mine for years. The trapeze class last fall made me realize that I can actually build up my strength to levels that make me a lot happier in not-a-huge-amount of time. I am hoping to learn and practice some stretching techniques that will have a similar effect on my flexibility and posture.

3) Re-floor the basement. Now that we have the tiles up, time to put something better down! This is primarily a daunting project because it's big, it's permanent, and I've never worked with floor epoxy before. Mental note: do some kind of practice run first.

4) Increase my R-factor! In Autumn 2008 I learned that the upstairs of my house isn't really insulated for crap. In 2009 I got a better handle on what I'd need to do to prepare for someone to come in and fix a lot of the current problems. In 2010, I want to actually address the things that I need to take care of and then make the rest of it happen.

5) Legal paperwork. Get Gipsieee on everything that we want to own together, and get our wills finished.

6) Budget. Get everything relevant into Quicken and figure out what we really have to work with for building our lives together, how realistic our current dreams are, and what we need to adjust.

7) Get good at Clojure. There's a philosophy that suggests that software developers try to learn a new language each year. I got my feet wet with Clojure in 2009 and I am really excited about it, so it's going to be the language that I try to learn for 2010.

8) Make significant progress on Mandarin. We've had the CD for over a year and gotten two upgrades, but I haven't made it past Chapter 3. I want to get at least to 15, if not finished, by the end of the year.

9) Continue cooking. It's awesome, and I want to get better at it. I also want to get better at organizing myself for it, so that when it comes time to actually do it I don't feel overwhelmed and cranky about having to.

10) Maintain grades. They're great, and I want to keep them that way ^_^

11) Videogames! Focus on ones that I like, don't waste times with ones that I don't like.

12) Fiddle. Coming along nicely, but my practice schedule--such as it was--got disrupted by the holidays. I want to be practicing at least 15 minutes 4x/week by the end of the year. 5x/week would be awesome. 6x would be fantastic, but at this point seems unlikely. Maybe that'll be a 2011 goal.


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