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So it turns out that the Internet does not, in fact, know everything yet (and it uncertain on a couple of other points).

First off, it doesn't know about Jefferson Country in Northern California, which may or may not be a secessionist movement to get Northern California to be its own state. After [ profile] gipsieee managed to remember that she always confuses "Eureka" (Coastal NorCal) and "Yreka" (Central NorCal), I managed to find a single article from a cycling organization in southern Oregon that referenced an attempt by the northernmost counties of California and the southernmost counties of Oregon to form their own state in the 1930s. Aside from that, nothing.

Secondly, it was very uncertain of the origins of the phrase "West by God Virginia".

If you happen to know about either of these, [ profile] gipsieee and I would be very curious to learn more ^_^
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I'm trying to write a Gimp script that will perform an operation on all of the files in a given directory, but I can't figure out how to get a listing of all the files in a given directory from within Gimp. What little documentation I have been able to find makes reference to an 'open-dir-stream' function, but it doesn't look like Gimp 2.6's ScriptFu includes that (at least it doesn't in the console; does it use a different interpreter for the console vs. the actual ScriptFu engine?)

Suggestions on what I ought to be looking at or whether this is even possible?
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It seems like every election--especially recent ones--many if not most people feel they are being offered two bad options and their criteria for picking who they vote for are centered around which one of them they feel would be less awful as President.

This has aroused my curiosity.

What characteristics do you want the President to have? What skills do you think are necessary to do a good job in the White House? What experience do you think is necessary to qualify a person to lead this nation? What issues must the President be focused on, and what must their stance be on each? What are things that they must not have/say/do/believe?

Is it even possible for such a person to exist, or are we going to be stuck with making the best of bad choices from here on out? Has it ever been anything but that? Can it ever be anything but that?

[Edit: Fixed grammar, added "not" question]


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