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This is not a con report. This is more of a summary. Maybe there will be a report forthcoming, but I cannot say at this point :)

As the title implies, I am home once again. The weekend was, as most convention weekends are, too short. ) I'm looking forward to next year ^_^
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Today's the penultimate day--tomorrow I do a six hour day at work (meaning I have to get in at 5 so I can leave at 11... hmm... maybe it'll be a five hour day.) Then I drive home, load up with the housemate who isn't getting to immerse himself in fibercrack for three days, and head for Boston. Thankfully we are flying :)

I'm very much looking forward to the classes and possibly some of the shows and, of course, the vending ^_^ Maybe I'll even get a little social time in, depending on whether I bump into anyone that I know ;) If you're going to be there and you'd be interested in hanging out or getting together for a meal, let me know either here or through my livejournal e-mail address.
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Went to Arisia with [ profile] xilet and my sweetheart [ profile] fortryll this past weekend. It was very cool, though I kind of wish I would have had more time for everything. Sometimes cons feel like they fit together really well for me, and sometimes they feel very fragmented, and for whatever reason this one felt kind of fragmented. I think that's mainly just because it was my first time going to it, though, and so I was sort of testing the water the whole time.

Which isn't to say that I did not enjoy it. I had a great time and I am really looking forward to going again next year :) I may end up saying some more on certain details later, but overall I had a great time and it was very cool. I think the main thing that I missed out on is that, with the exception of the panels, it didn't really feel like the geeky sci-fi event that I had expected it to be. Maybe that was because of the approach that I took towards it, or maybe that was because of the way it was organized; I don't know, but I'm hoping to reflect more on it later.

(Keep in mind that I am currently typing under the effects of post-con drop as well ;)

[EDIT] Also, to help keep things in perspective, as far as I can tell there was no major drama in our little group for the entire weekend. A few little tweaks here and there, but overall in that respect I think the trip was a huge success ^_^


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