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Yesterday was awesome, but overwhelming. We opened most of the windows downstairs and had a cool afternoon/evening while repeated rainshowers swept the neighborhood and I alternated between cooking, reading, and kitchen maintenance. I made a batch of spaghetti sauce from a recipe from Mom that turned out deliciously, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that were fantastic, and my very first ever pandowdy. While it was a little overkill, I can maybe see myself getting to where I'm not completely burned out after a day like that. (The combination of reading interludes and not having to do much else in the way of work contributed a great deal, I think, to my overall sanity)
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I've had tom kha at restaurants before and it was delicious, but I had feared that it would be overly complicated to actually make it well.

Despite this suspicion, I searched around for a recipe last weekend and gave it a try with a few modifications since certain ingredients were not available at the nearby grocery store. I discovered to my immense satisfaction that my prior impression was incorrect; it was not, it turns out, too complicated for me to make it well enough for it to become my new favorite soup to make.

I can't remember the original sites that I found the recipe on, but if you Google for tom kha you'll find several options. This is the one that I cobbled together from the pieces of the top few that I looked at. )

* For all you exceedingly precise types out there, just ignore the 'ish' suffix and the word 'about' and use exactly the amounts indicated.

** It's hard to screw this one up too badly. Keep going and see how it comes out--and keep notes; you may have discovered an even tastier version!

Well Dang.

Sep. 11th, 2008 10:12 pm
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First truly big failure of cooking in a very long time tonight. In what I consider to be good news, it happened because I was experimenting in ways that seemed just this side of Likely To End Badly. Turns out, they were just that side.

Things I've learned in the process:
  • The yeastless pizza crust likes to stick to things (will probably try adding just a touch more flour next time)
  • I cannot pick up a personal-sized pizza of this crust with just my hands.
    • Especially if it is loaded with toppings.
  • This crust is not strong enough to maintain the weight of itself and its toppings on an oven rack
    • It is a good thing that I put that cookie sheet in underneath it
      • Too bad I didn't do it before I put the pizza in.
  • Nesting multiple levels in HTML lists is fun!

I have enough ingredients to try this again. I'm not sure I have enough cope though...

Edit: It turns out that the additional cope is unnecessary, as the majority of it is still food. It means I have a little bit of a mess on the bottom of my oven with which I will deal later, for now I have dinner! ~NOM~
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I made you a pi, but we eated it! ^_^

Created by [ profile] gipsieee and myself in recognition of pi day, it's a mock mince pie. And as you can see, to facilitate easy calculation of its area, our pie r squared ^_^


Feb. 27th, 2008 09:30 pm
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Memo to me: Boil water before adding rice.
Addendum: Start rice before beginning the rest of the meal. (Or as close to twenty minutes before it as you can estimate).

Dinner shall be late this evening, but it shall be served!
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Apparently all of this practice stuff that I've been doing in the kitchen is paying off. Among what feel like my biggest accomplishments so far are: 2 batches of chili, one spinach pie (including crust), and tonight I just finished a delicious beef stew! (Yeah, it's a little late for dinner, but it made a delicious snack and, I suspect, will be great for lunch tomorrow. I had some trouble getting off the ground, and I managed to christen my kitchen pretty thoroughly with red wine, but everything came together beautifully in the end ^_^)



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