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New ThinkPad e420. Ubuntu got me through GiveCamp last weekend, but then I tried to upgrade to the official drivers and the display stopped working, and also it was having issues compiling my favorite window manager (stumpwm). So I've switched over to ArchLinux, which is a lot more hard to set up than I thought it would be, but maybe that's because I never tried to use it with a dual-monitor system for Arduino programming before.

I have managed to get StumpWM (and up and running with the proper driver. Having a heck of a time getting the Arduino stuff to work, though/

  • Can't run the super-simple programming environment because it can't find the Java GTK PLAF (translation: it can't find the collection of resources that tell it how stuff should look. Hopefully I can find it later or tell it to use a different one)

  • Can't compile the code because it can't find one of the libraries, even though I've installed avr-gcc and avr-libc and avr-binutils and avrdude. Not sure what's up there.

  • Can't actually talk to the chip because of something wonky with the FTDI cable. It says it's on /dev/ttyUSB0, but when I try to connect PuTTY tells me it can't open the serial port. (This has worked on previous systems; no clue why it's failing today).

Three strikes and I still refuse to yield. However, it looks like I'll be continuing to boot off of the external hard-drive that I set up to use with my wife's laptop for the purposes of doing my homework assignment for this Monday...

(Linux may only be free if your time is worthless, but it's still cheaper than all of the leisure activities that you have to pay for!)
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I have traveled the Woods. I gained entrance with a single coin. One side of the coin was Faith, the other was Frustration. I wandered down several dead-ends. I thrashed through thorny thickets. They tore my trousers, and left my ego bleeding. Many times I found myself at Despair's abode, in the deep shadows surrounded by dank and rotting leaves. I never tarried long; the glint of one of the few shafts of sunlight there would reflect off one side of the coin or the other and I would find myself backtracking once again, trying another path, gritting my teeth with determination to overcome the chaos or certainty that one of these paths must surely take me to the other side. This morning, almost a week after entering, I found a signpost that directed me back the way I had come. Frustration glinted as I thought about ignoring it and attempting to plow on, so I decided to follow its instruction; at least it wasn't pointing me deeper into the woods, and I was reasonably certain I could find my way back to it if needed. As I returned almost to where I started but coming from a different direction, I realized that the path had forked at that point and I had simply taken the route that seemed most direct. I may not have even consciously realized the other option existed, but upon closer examination it did seem promising. Faith flashed brightly as I stepped onto it, and a few hours later I found myself emerging from the Woods on the other side.

The moral of the story: Faith and Frustration can be a valuable combination.

(And now I know how to recover if a svn commit crashes halfway through).


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